Boxing Bootcamp


15. April – 24. July 2019

workouts Mondays and Wednesdays

19.00 – 20.00h @blgsports (Heinrichstr. 243)

your mealprep of choice by massgekocht.

brunch club for healthy food lovers


The workout mix between urban boxing and a HIIT bootcamp is designed to shapeit.

This high effective combination burns fat, builds strength and improves your mental focus.

Our personal trainers will show you the right boxing technique and lead you through a full body functional training no matter your fitness level.

Its all about the community. We train outdoors @Pfingstweidstrasse 91, 8005 Zürich


The proper food is key to success and supports you to follow your body goals.

We take away the stress of planing, shopping and cooking healthy meals.

Our mealprep service is full of high proteins, good carbs and fats which is designed to shape-it.

simply select a meal of your choice online with a food voucher of CHF 25.- and pick it up right after your workout @blgsports.