29. March. 2018

3 personalities. 1 Passion.

When passion, hobby and fun become a profession, it can only go well. The three of us combine exactly that in our team and in our project with mass cooking. AG. One of the personalities is Coach Chris. He is the sports expert in the team. As a trained personal trainer and nutritionist, he coaches people every day in matters of fitness and food.

Dream job as a kid? Professional soccer player. Even as a child I was very active and enthusiastic about sports. I loved football and thought there was nothing cooler than making my love of sport my profession. That’s where I discovered my hidden passion. During training, I always volunteered and was later assigned by the coach to lead and motivate my fellow players.

Why fitness and sports? This is very important to me personally. Sport has accompanied me my whole life. My driver is mainly my instinct, which wants me to constantly improve myself. To always get one step further, to be more agile, faster and stronger. Above all, it helps me mentally for various hurdles in life. It helps me to master resistance and to constantly pull something through. And it has another schōnen side effect for self-confidence. 😉

Three things that calm you down? A sunset on a beautiful beach with the sound of the sea. (a little romance may be ;)), Welness, sleep

What brings you to the palm of your hand? Lack of sleep and hunger – especially in combination 😉

Favourite quote? “No one is you and that is your power” – means for me: If you have understood that you are unique, you will also find the strength to achieve and move positive things.