30. March. 2018

3 personalities. 1 Passion.

When passion, hobby and fun become a profession, then that can only work out well. The three of us combine exactly that in our team and in our project with mass cooking. AG. One of the personalities is Ramona. She is our sports freak. As a passionate sportswoman, she inspires people every day when it comes to fitness and food.

Dream job? My first taster job was an interior decorator. I wanted to make rooms, shop windows and shop areas an eye-catcher and make customers stop and marvel. Somehow funny, because today I am responsible for all the layout and design stories at Massgekocht. So I wasn’t completely wrong then.

Why sport and nutrition? Sport: What everyone says – I need a change from all the everyday stress. The time spent in sports is my me-time, when I switch off completely and concentrate only on myself. But I think it’s also a bit of control that I have over myself and my body through sport and nutrition. I now know exactly what I need to achieve my goals. And when I have set myself a goal, I am incredibly disciplined and ambitious. I have no problem getting up at 5 o’clock in the morning to complete my planned sports session, because the rest of the day does not allow it.

Nutrition: So first of all: I LOVE EATING. When I’m not eating, I think about eating ;D. The whole nutritional science and nutritional psychology interests me unbelievably. When I watch videos during cardio training or listen to audio books, it’s always some kind of documentary about nutrition. Right now I’m watching “what the health” for the 2nd time. And currently I’m reading the book by Dr. Ruediger Dahlke, “The secret of the life energy in our food”. I find it mega exciting how nutrition influences our body and psyche and how much actually depends on it. I have already worked my way through all kinds of books, studies, videos, audio books and tried out many things myself. But now I am at a point, where I would like to consolidate the whole very gladly also still by an official training. But I haven’t found the right training yet, which suits me completely and not only superficially deals with the whole topic. So if you have any recommendations, please let me know!

What’s in “Healthy Lifestyle” right now? What is being talked about? Everyone is currently talking about fasting. Especially about intermittent fasting, which is not about the typical fasting, but more about a certain eating rhythm. For example, you don’t eat anything every 2 days, or you eat during 8 hours and fast afterwards for 16 hours. It is important that you still eat enough nutrients and calories throughout the week. Because it is not about a diet here! Fasting should give our body order. One learns to get rid of habits and dependencies and to regain a natural feeling of hunger. But it should also have positive effects on health and have a regenerating and cleansing effect on the entire body. I think I will try this out for myself in the near future in order to have these effects confirmed by myself.

Three things that calm you down? Sport, walking and the knowledge to have done all the set To Do’s.

What brings you to the palm of your hand? Chaos in the structure but also in the office or at home. My teammates know what I mean :). Dishonesty and unreliability – both in private and at work.