10. August. 2018

muscles definition and a tasty bottom with masgekocht.

Define your muscles with custom-made menus and eat a healthy lunch. If you want to gain qualitative muscle mass, we recommend the category gain – it. Building up qualitative mass means building up muscles without putting on excess fat. The more muscles, the greater the basal metabolic rate of calories.

This means that the calorie requirement must continue to be adjusted – defining muscles also means that you will become more efficient. For example, you will become a real “calorie burning machine”.

Here you have to increase the carbohydrate as well as the protein content and also to eat healthy fats in the same form. The basic rule is: eat more, eat the right thing. Thus there is a calorie surplus, which means nothing else than that you consume more energy than you need. In combination with sport, this excess energy is now converted into muscle mass. Here you can define your muscles.

Calorie surplus

Calorie surplus for women: approx. +10%-20% of the daily calorie requirement.
Calorie surplus for men: approx. +10%-30% of the daily calorie requirement

Let’s take a look at two concrete examples:

You are 27 years old, female, 172 cm tall and weigh 53 kg.
You work in the office and therefore have superficially sedentary activities.
To compensate, you go to yoga once a week and strength training twice a week.

Your daily calorie requirement is 2145 kcal. In order to achieve a muscle increase, we determine a calorie surplus of 302 kcal, which corresponds to 15% of the calorie requirement. Thus the daily calorie requirement is 2447 kcal. The macronutrient distribution for the category is as follows:

protein: 30% – 179g
Carbohydrates: 50% – 298g
fat: 20% – 53g

You are male 31 years old, 184cm tall and weigh 71kg. You are regularly on the road for customer meetings. To compensate you go 4 times a week to the fitness (strength and endurance).

Your daily calorie requirement is 3158kcal. In order to achieve a muscle increase, we determine a calorie surplus of 473 kcal, which corresponds to 15% of the calorie requirement. Thus the daily calorie requirement is 3631kcal. The macronutrient distribution for category gain-it looks as follows:

Protein: 30% – 266g
Carbohydrates: 50% – 443g
fat: 20% – 78g

For the category gain-it we mainly use the following sources:

Carbohydrates: bulgur, spelt pasta, lentils
protein: meat chicken, beef, milk product, eggs
Fat: avocado, eggs, nuts & seeds, unhydrogenated coconut fat

What should not occur in a gain-it menu:

Sugar: refined sugar, which occurs in most ready meals (etc.).
Fast carbohydrates: white flour, noodles (etc.)
Saturated fatty acids: pork, all kinds of sausages, butter (etc.)

It is important to us that you not only know the sources, but also which foods can be combined with each other. Create a profile at Massgekocht and you will receive a detailed list of ingredients for the various nutrient sources. Have you subscribed to the newsletter? Then you will receive a personal info as soon as the profile creation is activated.

Tips from the coach

Those who train and work a lot need the necessary regeneration. Muscles need rest to grow.

The body functions like a battery to recharge. Your energy store is emptied during everyday life and especially during training. The meal after physical exertion is therefore of great importance for your recovery. There you replenish your memory for your new challenges.
Sufficient sleep during the day ensures better performance.
Avoid simple sugars and replace them with complex carbohydrates. These give your body consistently longer energy than sugary foods. This promotes your regeneration and saves you the food coma after the lunch break.

Recovery begins in your head. Actively plan your regeneration.

And two giant myths, which we finally want to destroy:

Fat can be converted into muscles
Women become extremely broad/muscular due to muscle build-up

No, no and no again!

First, you build muscle mass that burns the body fat in a supportive way. The woman is not genetically predisposed to build such large muscle mountains. This is because she has a very small proportion of the hormone testosterone, which is responsible for the build-up of large muscle mass.

The fact is: in women, building muscles means tightening the tissue. Tight tissue forms, makes you slim and sexy.