11. March. 2018

There’s always a first time

When was the last time you did something for the first time? It’s just the time for me. You may know that I studied Business Communications. Good. I was taught a lot there over a long period of time. And I always wondered when the time would come, when I could finally put what I had learned into real life.

I had always brought my knowledge, which also comes from my studies at HWZ, to massgekocht. But in the middle of my studies, I didn’t know that we were actually doing our own thing so quickly. I always imagined that I would first work in a large company with experienced communication and management experts who would teach me much more practical knowledge.

Now I am here. Alone responsible for all our communication. And I wonder whether I really still have everything I learned.

In concrete terms: I am in the process of setting up our own media conference. This also includes inviting the media to the conference. But how do I get them to our media conference if I don’t send out a detailed media release with a cool hanger? Above all, the invitation should not be a media release, but only brief and concise. Only as much as necessary and as little as possible. If I say everything in the invitation, why should the guests come at all? Do you have any tips?

Furthermore, the location must be right, the seating, the speaker, the technology. So much to do. What is right, what should you avoid at all costs? Isn’t it up to the companies how they organize their own media conference and write the media release?

I’ll let you know in my next blog post what I’ve decided on. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to valuable input from media professionals and everyone who’s ever been in my current situation.