16. March. 2018

Fitness and food go hand in hand

One does not function optimally without the other. Our team has therefore decided to take a look at all its fitness partners and see how they train and take part in the training themselves. First stop: Kensho Sports.

I had no idea what to expect. As you all know, my business partners are Ramona and Chris are the absolute fitness cracks. I, on the other hand, am a connoisseur. I don’t take it too hard with “doing sport”, but treat myself to yoga, pilates and now also ballet. This is of course also a very intensive way of training – but just something else.

Well, I was there, one morning in our kitchen, when Chris suggested to Urs Bissegger, the founder of Kensho Sports, to visit his morning bootcamp. “Ok”, I thought to myself quite harmlessly, “nothing can happend”  Well, I had no idea what was on Urs’ programme that morning. TABATA training. “OH BOY,” I thought to myself. Well, I will do it for the team, I decided. Ramona was so proud of me.

Sport is a murder… …I can sympathize with the person who invented this saying. You can’t imagine how training knocked me over – in the truest sense of the word. 10 minutes of warm-up training and I looked at the watch for the first time. When we started with the right training, the Burpee exercise kicked right in my buttocks. Up, down, up, down – and I looked black. I had such a nutritious and healthy breakfast. I slowly crawled out without anyone seeing me and hid. Ramona and Chris were fully with the thing. I was sooo disappointed about myself giving up. My condition needs a kick!

Urs and his crew did a great job: He came out to check on me and gave me a smoothie. “Here, for refreshment,” he said to me with a big smile. Well, maybe next time it will work out. I have made it my firm intention to start the training sessions with all our partners. If you don’t dare, you won’t win, will you?

Maybe the Zurich athletes will really manage to turn me into a real sports girl. Challenge accepted!