01. January. 2017

Vegetables are the new meat

Sebastian Pertl is a professional chef, connoisseur and sportsman, and above all a good friend of the mass cooked team. He is a great enrichment for us. He supports us with tips and tricks, ideas and creations for our menus.

“Vegetables can replace meat”, says Google Sous Chef Sebastian Pertl. There are alternatives such as tofu, seitan, quorn, etc. Vegetables, which usually contain less fat and cholesterol, Pertl adds further. So these protein sources would be perfect for our “lose-it.” program. Program perfect.

Sustainability, seasonality and regionality

For the Sous Chef, sustainability and seasonality are particularly important. The products from overseas have come a long way – we notice this on the one hand in the quality and especially in the price.

But you should also take your own nose and buy the so-called Ugly Food, which is usually not bought. It may not be the same size, somewhat crooked or visually unattractive, but it does not differ in taste at all. It also makes no difference in quality and is indistinguishable from other vegetables. That’s why we should use what is within our reach,” adds the sous chef.


“Superfood has been available for us chefs, as well as for the “normal” household for some time in the retail trade. Certain ingredients are also available in online stores, be it in the application areas of main courses, salads or even desserts.” Sebastian Pertl talks about seeds, grasses and fruits that can be used and bought fresh as well as in powder form. “For us, these are perfect sources of power, which we also use in our menus,” Pertl continues.

What can’t be missing in the household if we want to eat healthy and sustainable food? Sebastian will give you the answers in the next issue.