22. April. 2018

Ladies, stand up & use your voice

Again and again I observe that young women don’t make the most of their professional situation. The time between 20 and 30 is very important.

Especially if the subject of children is to play a role at some point. I read that the current average age of Swiss women to have children is 31 years. The more you have achieved before or the more you have consolidated your career by then, the easier it will be later when family planning becomes an issue.

From my own experience, I know what it is like to worry about whether you will ever be a mother, whether you can also build something up professionally. Society has created a framework in which you can participate as a woman and mother – if you want to.

So if you want to consolidate and strengthen your career, then step on the gas before being a mother. In my opinion, the time between 20 and 30 is the most exciting, intensive and formative time in the professional sense.

Ladies, this is what I did in the last 10 years

When I was 20, I had just finished my training as a dental assistant. I loved the job, although it wasn’t my first choice. But it was just the right thing at the time.

After my apprenticeship, I decided to go to grammar school because I knew that at some point I would open this door to get my desired independence. (That was an important decision, even if I didn’t know what to do with my life at that time). I did it then, but only later. During these years I developed my personality and was influenced by an incredible number of interesting people. Teachers, classmates, bosses, friends and above all my family. I learned from all these people and became more and more independent in thinking, feeling and acting. I developed into a young lady. For my father it was always important that I take my education seriously, expand my knowledge and my horizon, that I am always independent, have a free opinion and thus become a person who decides freely and cannot be influenced. THANK YOU PAPS at this point. Had I not had the support, I might not have found the courage to tackle everything I have already done.

I tried out what it’s like to travel alone. I was travelling in Australia for 8 months. Almost 3 months of it travelling alone. I started to study and acquire as much knowledge as possible. I talked to very inspiring people, I was interested in them, I spun my network. So I gained self-confidence. Self-confidence. I began to believe in myself and my abilities. I learned to accept and appreciate what I know and what I can do. And also what I don’t like.


So I also had the courage to risk everything for a simple idea during my studies and to say “Go for it, girl”. Together with my business partner Ramona we decided on this very risky but exciting, instructive and intensive way. And you know what? It was the best decision of our lives.

In the course of this 4-year study especially in the last 2 years with mass cooked. many women approached us, and showed us their admiration. So beautiful. But whenever it was about them, they always said “yes weisch, i ha de Muet nid”, or “I bi viel z’uncertain”. I did not understand that. And don’t do it today. What can you lose? Ladies, stop being insecure. There is no reason!

A good friend once told me: “Arbela, if you try it, you can lose. If you never try, you’ve already lost”. And he’s damn right. Above all, this is a life learning process. You are confronted with everything. Different ticking people, processes you don’t know, negotiations, unpleasant situations etc.. But, but you learn soooo much in the process. I wouldn’t want to exchange these experiences for any money in the world.

So ladies,

Define your goals
Organize your life
Stand up, show yourselves, use your voice
Make as many contacts as possible
Get out of your comfort zone – even if it’s torture.
Present yourselves and your ideas, your opinions.
Decides with
Be a part of something big, be a part of something big.

Another smart-ass advice: “As you make your bed, so you lie”. Don’t forget, you are shaping your future. It is you who set the framework for your life. You have it in your hands. Have courage to shape, lead and live your own life. There is only the 1st life – we actually know that. But we are not aware of it enough. Kant once said: “Sapere aude! Means: “Have courage to use your own mind.” Don’t let others determine your lives.

I would like to see many, many, many more ladies on the start-up stage, on the entrepreneurial stage, on the management stage – I want women to use their power and commitment and not to trickle away.