02. April. 2018

You can change your mind

On my last blog there were a lot of comments, inputs and suggestions. I was also often asked if I really wanted to organize a media conference for it. Thank you for that. All this made it clear to me that this was not necessary in this case.

What we do: We are planning a big opening for everyone. We will then announce and promote it via our social media channels and our newsletter.

An opening belongs to a restaurant. But before that there will be an exclusive evening for invited guests where we will introduce ourselves and our concept. Of course there will also be the latest news to be heard. This is much better than a classic media conference. Cool.

Important: during the week of the 23.4.18 our commercial spot will be shown 3 times a day on Radio24 – make sure you listen!

An own restaurant brings some challenges with it. I mean, we suspected that a lot was coming our way. Well, so shortly before the opening we played through everything 10001 times and changed a pretty important part of the concept at the last minute. Because we got so used to Plan X and didn’t consider any other options. Now Plan Y comes into play. Also an important lesson.

But such an own restaurant brings also supercoole possibilities with itself. Now we can also offer a breakfast & brunch service. The only question is whether this is what our customers want. This would mean that we could also embed the breakfast offer in our delivery service. What do you think?

Another cool thing is that during the whole World Cup we can organize a public viewing in our backyard with healthy food, drinks, sunshine and super cool people. And with a surprise. But if I say something now, it’s not any more. Therefore: patience, patience!