19. November. 2017

massgekocht. meets happy&healthy

“Healthy, Quick & Simple” is her motto. Sabrina is full of enthusiasm and leads a life in harmony with her body, soul and heart! Hand on heart, who doesn’t love to eat and drink deliciously?

This is exactly what makes their recipes so great; they are uncomplicated and easy to cook. “Finally get full and say goodbye to your hunger”. To do without? No, you don’t have to with Sabrina’s recipes. Long-term rethinking gives the body and soul back what they really need. With a lot of fun and passion for detail, she creates healthy, quick and simple recipes. Sabrina strolls through the markets from stand to stand and lets herself be inspired. She selects only fresh, nutritious, wholesome, organic and, if possible, seasonal products. When Sabrina stands in the kitchen after shopping and then puts her creations in the right light with the camera, she blossoms completely. She has a lot of fun taking her readers on her healthy & happy journey. On Sabrina’s blog they discover new food trends and old recipes are reinterpreted.

The “massgekocht.”. team baked healthy cookies together with Sabrina. Super delicious hazelnut sables. On 23 November, Bahnhofstrasse appears in Christmassy splendour. At 6 p.m. the Christmas lights are lit and the whole Radio 24 team distributes healthy “massgekocht” Guetzli. The recipe comes from Sabrina.

Here is Sabrina’s recipe for the healthy hazelnut sables. For this cookie you only need 4 ingredients and 2 spices, how cool is that? And if you like chocolate like me, you can conjure up this delicious creamy topping in no time.