26. August. 2018

Physical precaution. What does that mean?

Physical precaution means that I am committed to my mental and physical fitness. That I prevent the development of diseases or delay their onset. The way we feed ourselves plays an important role for our well-being. During work and lunch meetings, people often eat unconsciously and on the side.

The acceleration in time influences our choice of food. A stressful working day can lead to various reactions in eating habits. Some gain weight and some lose weight, which can also have an effect on mental well-being.

In addition to early detection examinations, prevention also includes recommendations for a healthy lifestyle and thus measures to maintain health as well as measures to improve existing illnesses. The behaviour of managers also has an important influence here. In particular, the exemplary behaviour during breaks can set an example and strengthen a certain health culture within the company. Thus, in our opinion, the sandwich becomes a matter for the boss.

Today it is no longer a secret that our diet can make us ill. If you eat the wrong food for years and decades, you will almost certainly experience one or more of the numerous diet-related diseases. A balanced and enjoyable diet therefore plays a decisive role in the prevention of diseases.

However, I do not want to spoil your appetite and take away your desire to eat with these remarks, but I want to help you to eat healthily through education. Also in the workplace. So much for theory. In practice, unfortunately, things look a bit different.

Precaution or prevention at the workplace must be anchored in the company’s strategy. In general, precaution must be the focus in business and in the world of work. As an employer, we demand high performance, constant availability, flexibility and loyalty from our employees every day. Do we have the right to demand so much if we do not even create health-promoting working conditions? And by that I don’t mean a weekly fruit basket. I am talking about company health management. That I, as an employer, pay particular attention to the health of my employees, encourage them and remind them when they forget.

According to Health Promotion Switzerland, every fifth employee feels stressed at work, exhausted or under pressure. This costs the employer billions of Swiss francs. Stress has an influence on the health and behaviour of employees. Especially with regard to nutrition. Because if you’re under time pressure at work, you can also skip lunch from time to time. So where does the energy that you need for work in the afternoon come from? How can you concentrate on your work and perform when your own body suffers from a lack of energy? Nutrition plays a central role if we want to be efficient and stay that way. Instead of supporting our body, we put it under even more stress.

It is undisputed that working conditions have a major influence on the individual eating behaviour of employees. It is therefore all the more important that health management is established in companies. In this way the employees are supported sustainably, have a reason to continue working for the company, which increases loyalty to the company and thus also increases the efficiency of each individual.

This is made to measure. Our team is looking for the healthiest department in Zurich. What makes your company the fittest? Do you do jogging together, do you meditate during a break…?