Physical precaution. What does that mean?

Physical precaution means that I am committed to my mental and physical fitness. That I prevent the development of diseases or delay their onset. The way we feed ourselves plays an important role for our well-being. During work and lunch meetings, people often eat unconsciously and on the side.

muscles definition and a tasty bottom with masgekocht.

Define your muscles with custom-made menus and eat a healthy lunch. If you want to gain qualitative muscle mass, we recommend the category gain – it. Building up qualitative mass means building up muscles without putting on excess fat. The more muscles, the greater the basal metabolic rate of calories.

Carbs – Hell, yes. Even after 6pm

A healthy meal also contains carbohydrates. lean-it is the right place for you if you are already in shape and have a sporty figure. Because here your body gets the final polish. The goal of this category is to keep your already athletic figure. With slim muscle mass you can tighten and define your body.

Get rid of fat with masgekocht.

Get rid of fat with masgekocht. Because muscles increase the daily basal metabolic rate and thus additionally support fat burning. For this reason, we are not fans of weight measurement on the scales, because muscles are heavier than fat.

Entrepreneur : Networking is the be-all and end-all of success

As an entrepreneur, you have to show your face at every relevant start-up event and introduce yourself and your business idea. The ”small-world phenomenon” — the principle that we are all linked by short chains of acquaintances — was inaugurated as an area of experimental study in the social sciences through the pioneering work of […]

Media release April 2018

The Zurich Healthy-Food Startup “massgekocht.” receives sporting support. Thanks to the footballer family Rodriguez, the company opens its first “massgekocht.” restaurant in the former club “Indochine”.

You can change your mind

On my last blog there were a lot of comments, inputs and suggestions. I was also often asked if I really wanted to organize a media conference for it. Thank you for that. All this made it clear to me that this was not necessary in this case.

3 personalities. 1 Passion.

When passion, hobby and fun become a profession, then that can only work out well! The three of us combine exactly that in our team and in our project with massgekocht. AG. One of the personalities is Arbela. She is a very committed and disciplined person. She is a born networker and is committed to […]

3 personalities. 1 Passion.

When passion, hobby and fun become a profession, then that can only work out well. The three of us combine exactly that in our team and in our project with mass cooking. AG. One of the personalities is Ramona. She is our sports freak. As a passionate sportswoman, she inspires people every day when it […]

3 personalities. 1 Passion.

When passion, hobby and fun become a profession, it can only go well. The three of us combine exactly that in our team and in our project with mass cooking. AG. One of the personalities is Coach Chris. He is the sports expert in the team. As a trained personal trainer and nutritionist, he coaches […]

Fitness and food go hand in hand

One does not function optimally without the other. Our team has therefore decided to take a look at all its fitness partners and see how they train and take part in the training themselves. First stop: Kensho Sports.

There’s always a first time

When was the last time you did something for the first time? It’s just the time for me. You may know that I studied Business Communications. Good. I was taught a lot there over a long period of time. And I always wondered when the time would come, when I could finally put what I […]

massgekocht. meets happy&healthy

“Healthy, Quick & Simple” is her motto. Sabrina is full of enthusiasm and leads a life in harmony with her body, soul and heart! Hand on heart, who doesn’t love to eat and drink deliciously?

Arbela in the Migros interview

Arbela Statovci had an idea. A good one, as it turned out. The 29-year-old tells us in an interview how the idea turned into a start-up and why independence fulfils it. Professional tips included.

Official Bachelorettes!

Four years of study, four years of intensive work and a lot of learning. Two years of which “custom cooked”. I got to know hundreds of students, lecturers and graduates. The result is an enormous network, invaluable experience and finally a piece of paper that proves that we are now communication professionals.

The long-awaited new chapter

I’m not sure if I should be happy or sad that I’m not a student anymore. I can already hear the voices of the other students: “What, are you crazy? Yay, studies are over”! Yes, of course, after such a long, intensive, stressful and yet very funny, exciting and instructive time it is understandable.

What are macronutrients?

Those who pursue concrete goals such as muscle building or fat reduction will sooner or later be confronted with the topic of macronutrients and calorie counting. Or better: overtaxed. At first glance, all this is quite confusing. Some swear by pure calorie counting, others pay attention to the macronutrients (also known as “macros” in relevant […]

“We do what our hearts beat for”

The two HWZ students Arbela Statovci and Ramona Romer, together with nutritionist and fitness trainer Chris Velkovski, have dared to do exactly what many are afraid of: the step into self-employment with their own business idea. “Massgekocht” offers healthy, regional meals tailored to personal needs.

Vegetables are the new meat

Sebastian Pertl is a professional chef, connoisseur and sportsman, and above all a good friend of the mass cooked team. He is a great enrichment for us. He supports us with tips and tricks, ideas and creations for our menus.

Why does it need massgekocht?

Nowadays more and more is demanded of us. We have to function constantly and perform at the highest level. Through the whole digitalization we are always and everywhere reachable – yes, also in our spare time.

Success begins in the mind

This time it works … Do you know those moments when you decide to eat healthy food all the time? Or to finally do sports regularly? Then you are not alone. After a stressful working day or during the exam period you want to enjoy some free time with friends and family. Somehow not everything […]

Celiac Disease – When Gluten-Free is not just a fashionable term

It is bad for the digestion and should even cause diseases. Within the food industry, “gluten-free” developed into a lucrative marketing term – the anti-gluten hysteria was born. But in reality the gluten proteins are only harmful for people with coeliac condition – an intolerance that is not talked about much besides all the noise.